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Life is just one long journey. It is one quick movie that will pass by, if you close your eyes too long. You’re on a journey, but the beauty of it is that you can change its destination. You can change it at any moment. Whatever you truly desire in your heart will come toContinue reading “Journey”

The Unknown

image by Henry Be (Unsplash) The unknown is everything. Most people don’t realize how important this is. It is one of the few areas rarely talked about, so we become afraid of it. This causes us to run back to the known, what we’re used to. But do you realize that the unknown is necessary?Continue reading “The Unknown”

Your Life’s Path

image by Stefano Ghezzi (Unsplash) I just connected with someone on LinkedIn. I replied, “Thanks for the connection.” A couple of hours later, he said he should be thanking me for accepting his invite to connect. He went on to congratulate me for reaching 10 years in writing, which I had no clue of. He’sContinue reading “Your Life’s Path”

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