Creator of White Collar Woman

Where it all began…

What began as a dream, became a life of its own. Following the life of Marla Evans, the reader is taken on a ride that they won’t soon forget. On the surface Marla Evans seems to have it all: good looks, a thriving career, and a young, adorable son. Yet, she lacks what she most desires—romantic love. Her pursuit of love triggers a series of unexpected suitors, including a sexy co-worker, the office dork, and even her own boss. As she struggles to juggle her growing list of men, Marla’s life is hurled into chaos as an unexpected pregnancy, her mother’s visit, a missing co-worker, and a vicious attack all threaten to test her career, her family, and her future. To cope, Marla escapes into fantasy. Whether she’s daydreaming or sleeping, her imagination is going full speed. However, her fantasies soon begin to reveal how her journey for romance may very well jeopardize the life she has worked so hard for. We waste no time experiencing Marla’s fast world of men, enemies, love, betrayal, and wild dreams. So fasten your seat belt!

Nicholas penned his first story at the age of 12. Although his father was supportive of the horror story, his mom questioned it. This might be why Nicholas put horror writing on hold. Even though he sacrificed the scary literature, Nicholas still had a desire to write. While attending college, his love for writing returned. After working numerous careers, he decided to give his all to writing. And now, we have the popular White Collar Woman series.

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