Life is just one long journey. It is one quick movie that will pass by, if you close your eyes too long. You’re on a journey, but the beauty of it is that you can change its destination. You can change it at any moment.

Whatever you truly desire in your heart will come to you. The troublesome part for some is the journey it takes to get there. Understand this, you don’t control the journey. You control the outcome. This is what causes most to jump off, while the train is still moving. Passing by all these unknown places can definitely scare you. But if you know where you’re headed, you will come to an understanding that it’s there for a reason.

We all want to control the entire movie, from the opening scene to the credits. In reality, it just isn’t possible. Your desire is what you control. You may desire to be a famous songwriter, but you want it to start by taking a flight to New York. In reality, your open door could be in London. Just so happen, you got a friend request from a local artist in London. You were so focused on New York that the friend request just sat there, until you were no longer able to see it. In your mind, you wanted full control.

As I stated in a previous post, we’re all connected. As soon as you send out the signal of what it is you want in your life, the world starts adjusting to you. There’s someone on this earth that has what you want and vice versa. The greatest challenge is the process of reaching that person, the journey. This is why we have to take our focus off how it’s going to come, and just do our part to have a location for it to arrive. This is one of the key ways that changes in your life happen for a reason. It’s the journey that you’re taking. This is key in every aspect of your life. The second you try to force how you’ll get there, you place a permanent brake on how you were supposed to get there. Then you start questioning why things aren’t going your way. They never were supposed to. They go the correct way.

As long as you continue to fight every new change you experience, you are potentially choking the very dream you wished for. When you plant your seed and nurture it like you should, it will grow on its own. Step back and watch how life will change for you. New opportunities, new outlets. All because you relinquished your control. With this one simple change, you can have anything you desire in your life. Just know that it will happen, stop worrying, and it’s yours. The key reason most people haven’t reached their goal is that they won’t loosen the grip on their journey. It’s going to happen exactly as it should. Accept change, accept the journey, and watch what will happen.

Nicholas is author of the latest book, White Collar Woman 6: Strictly Business

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