The Unknown

image by Henry Be (Unsplash)

The unknown is everything. Most people don’t realize how important this is. It is one of the few areas rarely talked about, so we become afraid of it. This causes us to run back to the known, what we’re used to. But do you realize that the unknown is necessary? It is so important that if you experience nothing unknown in your life, you won’t grow.

You Will Not Grow.

There’s a clear reason why. Think about where you are. Your current life. You have a routine. There’s a certain time your body naturally wakes up in the morning. For most people, the body stays on schedule on your days off. It has been conditioned to do the same thing, over and over again. So have you. You live in a box that is unseen. You may not see it, but you experience it every day.

You also have desires. Regardless of the size of the desire, you have things you want to accomplish in your life. Things you want to enjoy, experience, and achieve. These things currently don’t exist in your life. This is why you want them. You haven’t seen them and experienced them in your own life, which means you don’t know them. They are unknown. The current box you reside in doesn’t house these things that you desire, which means you have to go outside the box. You have to go into the unknown.

This is the only way you grow! The only way. How can you obtain something you don’t have? A great example is adding items to your household. If you want a specific food in your cabinet, you can’t keep opening your cabinet and hoping it one day appears. You can’t keep doing the same thing. You have to go get that item! You have to go and find it. You’re entering the unknown, because you may go to a store and it’s not there. Either it is sold out or they never carried it, so you go to another store. This is exactly how the unknown works.

You set out for what you desire and have a clear vision in your mind and heart, then the path will start building itself. It will align to your deepest desire. The only issue is you don’t know this path, because it hasn’t been built until now. This is the unknown. You will experience things that don’t exist in your box. It may be viewed as challenges, because it isn’t a part of your routine. In reality, it’s the road that leads to your desire. If you don’t allow fear and discouragement to take you off your course, you will arrive at your destination. You will have taken full use of the unknown.

Remember this: You will never reach goals being the same you and regurgitating the same life. If you know what you desire, plant the seed in your heart and your mind. Build it within you to the point that you can see it, then allow life to take its course. It’s not something you can control. Once the destination has been set, it will happen the way it should. Don’t force it. You will begin to meet unknown people, visit unknown places, and experience unknown things, which were all key in reaching your destination. As long as you remain focused and don’t allow the unknown to frighten you, your life will be incredible.

Although my White Collar Woman series is based around a fictional character, it displays the unknown experiences that many of us have to face when we set out to achieve something in our lives. If you change your mindset, you change your life. Have you connected with anyone in White Collar Woman? Who would that character be? What did you gain from it? How did it affect your journey into the unknown?

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