Your Life’s Path

image by Stefano Ghezzi (Unsplash)

I just connected with someone on LinkedIn. I replied, “Thanks for the connection.” A couple of hours later, he said he should be thanking me for accepting his invite to connect. He went on to congratulate me for reaching 10 years in writing, which I had no clue of. He’s a writer as well. To think, my first book came out ten years ago. He then said, “I would love to know your journey.” As I was preparing to respond, I was thinking about the best way to say it. My first thought was “My journey hasn’t been normal.” I was preparing to share the challenges I’ve had to face in my writings and personal life, but something snapped!

I realized my experiences have brought me to this current moment in my life. There was one time that I questioned whether I would ever write again. Now, I’m near the completion of my latest book. My health challenges caused me to shun away from writing. It also caused me to doubt ever having a family of my own. Now, I’m also preparing for my first child. I took a break from my phone and went to the bathroom. As I walked, I couldn’t help but to laugh. I realized that every experience that I’ve had has led to this very moment. Whether I viewed it as good or bad, if one thing would have changed I wouldn’t be the person that I am now. I may not even be here. Instead, I got deeper into focusing on my career. I’m near the end of my book, I got married, I’m building the family I always desired, and my view on life is constantly changing. It’s changing for the better. I’m learning and experiencing things that most are unfortunate to know. The resources are limited. This is the motivation for a future book. I’ve actually written a large portion of that book as well. I even have a children’s book in the making.

Now the question has even more meaning. I actually wrote this blog off the question. I haven’t even answered the guy. LOL. I’m too busy realizing how we all have a path in life. What changes the path is how you respond to it. This means you can change your current path. The path isn’t carved anywhere. It’s not forced upon you. I told my wife I was planning to write my next blog this morning, but never expected this. This is a perfect example of your path. I carved out what I wanted, then the idea/ desire became reality. This is one of the things I’ve learned as my life continues to grow. You choose your path. The difference is being focused on the path or being distracted from it, because you can easily go off course. The next thing you know, you’ll be in an area that you never desired. You attempted to go in too many directions. If you have a destination you want to reach, focus on it. Invest it and witness it become reality. It’s totally up to you. And above all, don’t get distracted. The path only goes in the direction that you invest your mind and time. If we only knew how powerful those two elements are; mind and time. Now, I have to answer his question with all honesty and share how the journey has been amazing. In the meantime, determine what’s your path and make it so.

One thought on “Your Life’s Path

  1. you have a nice way to engage a reader…even an experienced one like me and that’s an art…follow your heart and put out a lot more of yourself in the days ahead…it maybe time for you to step on it a bit…all the best and you can count on me to keep cheering you on….

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