Everything You Believe You Can Do, You Will Do

This is a powerful post for me. It’s the start of something new, “learning to trust yourself”. I never had doubt in myself, but for the past few years I battled with changes in my life. A change in my health caused a lot of changes in my life. Being diagnosed with epilepsy, led me to being prescribed drugs that changed the way I felt about myself. Although the drugs had strong effects, I was blessed to have an even stronger heart. I never truly doubted myself, so it was yet another hill that I had to overcome.

This entire year has been an amazing journey. My Pastor calls it the year of vision, hence 2020. In the process of working on myself, I started to discover a new me and truly that’s what life is. You are constantly improving yourself. We never have our past. Although we may have thoughts of it, it no longer exists. Why focus on something that you can never have back. One of the lectures I listen to touches on how we create our blessings. It is all about what you focus on. They teach that if you focus on your past, you place a hold on your blessings. The only way you can have what you desire is by focusing your attention on it. It’s not about trying to determine how your dreams and aspirations will come, but just knowing that they will. We are spiritual beings that have spiritual connections. So, when you focus on building that business, generating that relationship, restoring your health, or improving your life, it will naturally come to be. You are sending signals out in the spirit that connect with others and naturally produce what you desire.

Therefore, you must believe it will happen. You don’t have know how it will happen. It’s not for you to know. But if you plant the seed and put in the work to produce what you desire in your life, it will happen. This stands true for what we are dealing with in our current situation. We create our future. So, if you let the fear of a virus cause you to expect the worst, you are planting the worst possibility to grow in your life. This doesn’t mean being foolish and exposing yourself to the virus, but not allowing it to change your faith and belief. If you have faith that this current dilemma will eventually move on and you will continue to grow and achieve in life, then it will be so. But it’s not about saying it. It’s not about shouting and speaking it into the air. It’s about your spirit. If you say you want you and your family to be healthy and the next minute worry about you and your family being sick, you’ve wasted your time. The Bible teaches that we can’t plant good seeds on poor soil. You will still produce poor crop. Or better yet, crap!

I had to learn this in my life. If it is not in my spirit and my soul, then I am wasting time. I don’t care how many times I proclaim it. It starts in you, not in your mouth. As I began to learn this, I felt a new me developing. I started to believe again in my writing. I began to put trust in me being a successful writer. I reposition my focus and faith where it should have always been. By believing in what I can and will do, I began to renew myself.

Now, here I am. With my new focus, I placed my talents back in front of me. The talent I was blessed with, I use. At this very moment, I am writing my next book. I no longer have doubt in what can be done. I know for a fact that it will happen and I’m placing it on this post, today. Keep this post as a reminder of what I said. Be prepared to witness what believing in yourself can do, because I want you to have the same experience

As I prepared for my next book, I had to go back and read the last book I wrote in the White Collar Woman series. In the fifth book I discovered that the main character I was writing about, Marla Evans had been through similar experiences. In the previous books, she faced many challenges, but she never gave up on herself. She never doubted herself. In the fifth book, she built her own business. Marla became what I named the book, “The Entrepreneur”. She became what she focused her attention on. This eliminated any room for doubt. Write down what it is you want to be and keep it close to you. Keep it in your pocketbook, your wallet, your cup holder, or wherever you can remind yourself where your focus should be. If you must tape it to your bathroom mirror, do it. Because if your heart and mind is truly focused on it, it will happen in the least way you expected it to happen.

Much Love,


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